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Global Team Staffing (GTS) is a reliable staffing company that serves many industries. GTS Staffing helps your company find the right candidate for your job. It is our job to make your job easier. With the use of state of the art staffing software we make it easy for you to track emplyees, hours, and wages through your client portal. We also offer paperless timesheets with employee's clocking in on Geo-tracted apps. In addition, we handle all payroll, conveniently offering employee's direct deposit or a pay card, so all you have to do is call us up and schedule your new employee(s) shift.

How Does It Work?

First we will sit down with you to get a feel for your business and staffing needs. We ask you to provide us with a list of requirements and a job description for the available position(s). We then search for candidates from out database of more than 2,000 reliable applicants. Each applicant is personally interviewed. Once GTS has found the right individual for your open position(s), the candidate will then come in for a briefing with you, our client. Once an agreement is reached the employer can hire the candidate for temp, part time, or permenant positions through Global Team Staffing.


Global Team Staffing prides itself on employee relations and giving our employee's the most opportunity for success.

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With great rates and even better candidates Global Team Staffing is a one stop shop for all your staffing needs.

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When you're looking for a staffing agency that cares and understands your needs clearly, come to Global Team Staffing. We offer solutions that make your job easier.